Rotten Gourds !

At last it is happening, the rot has begun the mold is spreading and soon they'll be done.
Never thought I would anticipate mold with such joy, my very first crop of hand grown gourds have made it through the flooding of hurricane Debbie ( lost some to too much water ) and are happily growing gross mold over nicely hardened shells.

Fall Blossoms

Schools in , summers drawing to a close working in the garden is a fish fry in the sun with me as the fish . Now I'm just waiting for my gourds to dry out so the harvesting and painting can begin and while I wait I prune and plant a some pretty s to make my garden glow. This is the first and last of the season blooming of my crape myrtal tree that dawns the path to my little gourd garden paradise , isn't she beautiful !

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Hand Made Fences

I did not realize how far gourds could spread !
my gourds have grown from one side of my garden all the way to the opposite side ! as fate would have it  , I have not finished building the fence . So with a bit of art an ingenuity I constructed a fence for my gourd babies out of ... wait for it .....Shoelaces and tree branches ( TADAH ! ! !)


Made my first calender !
Full of sunny Florida sunflowers 
that grow in my gourd garden
check it out

Garden Snake

Ok so this is my test subject , his name is Emerald and I don't quite know whether he's a lovely garden snake for My Gourd Garden or a slipper green snake for my Rotten Gourd collection. But I think he turned out lovely just the same and look forward to painting more like him soon!

Digital Gourds chart © Dan Dunkin 2003
This chart is used courtesy The Gourd Reserve

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